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Kirchner elektronik our partner for Audio Measurement

Concerning acoustical measurement we are on the top. In our photo stories we explain speaker technology and soundwave.

Our well known product is the ATB precision. In all industrial countries it is in use.

ATB 804 Professionelle Software
ATB 804 Professionelle Software mehr erfahren
For 24 years the Kirchner elektronik has been experienced in audio measurement.
ATB precision ATB precision

The economical measurement system is the ATB PC Pro

It is for professional speaker development and the setting for automotive sound systems. The programmes include a lot of functions to make it easy to use.

The audio analyser ATB 802 is for reliable measurement in the industry. It is connected via USB to the PC where the easy to use measurement programme runs.

For the quality control in the speaker, headphone or audio production there is the QC programme.