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For more information about he programme see Products ATB 802
The ATB PC Pro Measuring system is a professional Audio Analyser. The Windows program is combined with the computer’s soundcard, the measurement microphone, the Test-Box and the DVD (CD) for the signals forms an exact and extensive measurement system. The applications for the ATB PC Pro are the speaker development, room acoustic optimise, the installation of car sound systems, the setting of Surround reproduction systems and the noise analyser.

ATB PC Pro Measuring system

The following measurements are available:

• Electric and acoustic amplitude frequency response
• SPL Electric and acoustic phase frequency response
• Impedance measurement
• Thiele-Small parameter and voice coil inductance
• Step response
• Distortion THD as plot
• Distortion IMD
• RMS (sound) level meter

The Windows measuring program corresponds to a small ATB precision program offering all the functions of the Windows operating system. Notebooks and external USB soundcards prove to be ideal for this field of work. For the high precision of the measurement there is an automatical calibration of the soundcard.

For easy setting the automotive sound system there is the Auto-Test CD. For getting the measurement signal, stimulus, it is to play it in the automotive CD player.

For CAD or calculation program or data base the ATB PC data can be exported in many formats. The export is to MLSSA, LAUD, IMP and CLIO file.

The measurements:
For the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) measurement there 
is the including measurement microphone MC1. The microphone is connected to the MIC input of the soundcard. The frequency response is very flat in the 
range from 20Hz – 20kHz. Therefore, there is no need of a correction. The plot shows the response of the microphone.
The RMS level meter is for calibration of the microphone. It is for reading out the sound pressure level, SPL.

SPL (Sound Pressure Level) SPL (Sound Pressure Level) SPL (Sound Pressure Level)

There are following measurement functions:

• Single measure, single measure+ up to 32 curves
• Continued measure, continued measure+ for the setting of devise
• Continued measure with averaging, continued measure with averaging+ for anechoic measurement in room or automotive and for the power distribution of a speaker 

Continued measure, continued measure+ for the setting of devise Continued measure with averaging, continued measure with averaging+ for anechoic measurement in room or automotive and for the power distribution of a speaker.

For the impedance measurement there is the Test-Box. The box is connected between the DVD/CD player and the LINE or MIC input of the soundcard. The Impedance plot is shown in the SPL graph and the scaling is at the right side.

The Thiele-Small measurement is for testing the speaker parameter. The parameter are needed for the calculation of a box.
The Thiele-Small program is the professional from the ATB precision. There are a lot of speaker companies who using it.
The measurement has many error messages to show that the parameters are not correct. So also the not experienced user will get the right parameters. 
The program has a complex calculation for the voice coil inductance. There for the measurement is better than sheep instruments or programs.

Impendance Impendance

The phase measurement is due to the automatically 0-phase calculation unique. For the measurement there is no setting of a distance or time window. 
The phase measurement is not influenced from the user so there is always the right phase plot. The acoustical phase measurement is comparable.


The step measurement is similar to the step response measurement. It shows the time behaviour of the sound pressure of a speaker.
For subwoofer sound systems there is to measure the impulse of the Subwoofer and the satellites.
Therefore, the phase control of the subwoofer could be set in the way, that both speakers have the same impulse.

The step measurement is similar to the step response measurement

Spectrum analyzer
The ATB PC program is a very comfortable spectrum analyzer. It is for analysing all kinds of sound. The program is used in the automotive industries to reduce the noise of the car. The picture shows the spectrum of the signal 13.The red curve is without and the blue curve with distortion.

ATB PC program is a very comfortable spectrum analyzer

Distortion THD
The distortion measurement shows the THD and the harmonics H2, H3, H4, H5. 
After the measurement it can be decided between the THD and H2, H3, H4, H5 plot.
The sound pressure for the measurement is set in the SPL menu.

Scale: 1%, 10%, 100%
Frequency range: 20Hz – 8kHz
Precision: > 0.01%

Distortion THD Distortion THD Distortion THD

Distortion IMD
IMD For the IMD measurement there is the signal 13. The signal is shown in the Analyzer capital. The intermodulation distortion measurement is for the test of a non-linear transfer function of a unit. This is described by Wolfgang Klippel. The measurement is for testing the sound quality and the maximal undisturbed Power. To see the quality the Q-index is displayed. The distortion is to hear if the value for the Q-index is smaller than 1100. The program displays the Q-index and the spectrum.

Distortion IMD


The system-correction function tests automatically the soundcard and creats a correction file for the frequency- and phase response.


Dolby Digital Test DVD

The Dolby Digital Test DVD is for testing the home cinema equipment. With the DVD it is easy to set the Surround decoder. It is also easy to set the subwoofer, the main problem in surround systems.


FL, 4. C, 5. FR, 6. RS, 7. LS, 8. SW


9. FL+FR, 10. FR+C+FL, 11. LS+RS, 12. FR+C+FL+LS+RS

Sum & Bass

13. FR+SW, 14. C+SW, 15. FR+SW, 16. FR+FL+SW, 17. LS+RS+SW, 18. FR+C+FL+SW, 19. FR+C+FR+RL+RR+SW


20. R, 21. L, 22. R+L, 23. R-L


Track1 24. Signal going round Track2 25. Signal going diagonal

Dolby Digital Test DVD

ATB PC Pro system includes:

Measurement program for Windows  XP, 7 and 8, Measurement microphone MC1 Frequency range 20Hz – 20kHz, Test-Box for impedance measurement and calibration, Surround-Test DVD Handbook as PDF USB dongle.

For the easy measurement in the car there is the Auto-Test CD additional to by.

For more informations you can download the manual